FBC Hanoi 2018

[New]  スマートベトナム プレシジョン メカニカル / SMART VIET NAM PRECISION MECHANICAL JSC

Designing and manufacturing of molds for molding plastic products. Molding and manufacturing / selling of plastic products. Assembling of plastic products, Plastic Injection Mold and Sheet Metal Fabrication

[New]  株式会社 エクストエンジニア / EXT ENGINEER CO.,LTD

Our JP factory has NC automatic lathe, NC lathe, combined lathe, machining centers & surface treatment facilities. In our VN factory, we have machining center, NC lathe & can provide cut precision parts.

[New]  株式会社いわき精機 / IWAKI SEIKI CO.,LTD.

We have our in house Integrated production facilities,(one stop service)to meet the diverse needs of the customers.

[New]  大井工業株式会社 / OHI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.

Make-to-order production of industrial machine cutlery. When you take drawings or samples, we will produce cutters of your desired shape. There are also standard products.

[New]  【バイヤー】タイルーン ユニオンカー パブリックカンパニーリミテッド / 【buyer】THAI RUNG UNION CAR PUBLIC CO.,LTD

Covering the entire range of automotive activities. - manufacturing and sales of Thairung own brand vehicle - R&D for de - Dies and jigs - Stamping or steel processing & vacuum plastic parts - BIW & Vehicle size EDP,Paint

【Buyer】BMW (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

BMW International Purchasing Office South East Asia identifies and develops South East Asian-based suppliers. We are looking for potential suppliers who can manufacture parts for exporting from South East Asia to BMW facilities.

I.M.E. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

We have been doing production of Metal Stamping parts , Coating Parts , Winding Parts , Overmold parts for automobile and electronic parts more than 20 years with High Quality and lowest cost.

増田ビニール ベトナム 株式会社 / MASUDA VINYL VIETNAM CO.,LTD

Our company is an extrusion molded product We manufacture and sell products in various fields

株式会社オカモト / OKAMOTO CO.,LTD.

We process resin and metal with an NC automatic lathe. We produces parts for optics maker and medical makers mainly. The resin roller for optics industries has in particular the results managing clearance precision +-5 microns.


We are company 100% owned by SEIKO, established in 1988. We mainly produce shutter and time recorder for clocks and cameras. We are also focusing our strength on further expansion in Thailand.

[New] Precision manufacturing

FA automation parts,Precision manufacturing parts,Industrial robot handring parts,Press deep drawing goods,Press mold parts,Check fixtures for large-size parts.