FBC Hanoi 2018

[New]  TDI エレクトロニクス ベトナム / TDI Electronics Vietnam Co.,LTD

We've settled new factory in Ha Ham province. Our major products are electronics parts such as Capacitive Film sensor, Membrane switch, Film Insert Molding by screen printing. In Vietnam, you can get those products.

[New]  日進工具株式会社 / NS TOOL CO., LTD.

We are a leading manufacturer of small-diameter carbide end mills.


Since 2011, the company has played an active role as expert manufacturer and processor of high precision machinery components and parts for a wide array of industrial machines in Ho Chi Minh City.


Our products is Hot rolled Steel of JIS standard. We can fusing, machining, roll bending and shot blast of that.

[New]  株式会社カノウプレシジョン / KANOU PRECISION (JAPAN) CO.,LTD.

We have been working hard to pursue Japanose quality standard products at Chinese competitive pricing.Our company specializes in FA automation parts,Press deep drawing goods,and Press mold parts.Wermly welcom to Kanou group.

株式会社いわき精機 / IWAKI SEIKI CO.,LTD.

We have our in house Integrated production facilities,(one stop service)to meet the diverse needs of the customers.

中部エンジニアリング株式会社 / CHUBU ENGINEERING CO., LTD.

We celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018. We decided to set a factory in south-east Asia to provide a variety of metal forming parts to automotive, construction, and electrical equipment industries with roll-forming technology.


Establishment Year : 2012 Number of Employees: 55 Factory space (m2) : 1,756 Main Technology : Turning and Glinding

キワインダストリー / KIWA INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.

Kiwa Industry Vietnam has established Japanese quality.We can supply low to high volume with various kind of products with our machining Center, NC milling, Wire-electrical discharge machine, grinding machine etc.

竹内精工株式会社 / Takeuchi Precision Works Co.,Ltd.

Our company is one of the top-class manufacturers of Linear motion bearing in the world, headquartered in Fukushima, Japan. We established Vietnam factory near HCM in 2005 to expand the capability to meet various customers' needs.

[New] Mold spare parts

Finishing details after heat treatment ( inside round grinding , outside round grinding ) , precision , concentricity ± 0.003mm

[New] Zinc Diecasting

Zinc Diecasting OEM

[New] Handles AB-460 Series

● Waterproof (using O-ring and sheet packing) ● For both left-hand and right-hand use.(the left-hand or right-hand use can be changed by reversing the cam and stopper plate) ●Finish:Satin chrome plating ●Specific Use:Electric distribution and control panels


Various sizes are available


●Various sizes are available

Handles AB-150 Series

● The mechanism is incorporated that the handle is forced out by pressing the button. ● Waterproof. (using O-ring and sheet packing) ● For both left-hand and right-hand use ●Finish:Satin chrome an chrome plating ●Specific Use:Electric distribution and control panels


●Mounting screws in the bracket insert have high strength.