FBC Hanoi 2018

[New]  株式会社橋本クロス / Hashimoto Cloth Corporation

Hashimoto-cloth is the enterprize which is making(processing) the Fiber Material used in the factory. The main production items are Wiping cloth,Industrial Filter and Oiladsorbent. Now we are constracting our factory in HA NAM.

[New]  高石工業株式会社 / TAKAISHI  INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.

Manufacturing industrial precise rubber packing which seal for water, gas and air. Including co-development of rubber products and offering from prototypes to mass production, please contact us!


As a manufacturer of metal fittings and industrial machine parts,HOSHIMOTO offers a wide range of standard products including handles,locks,hinges,stud bosses, spacers,brackets and copper bars.

[New]  キワインダストリー / KIWA INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.

Kiwa Industry Vietnam has established Japanese quality.We can supply low to high volume with various kind of products with our machining Center, NC milling, Wire-electrical discharge machine, grinding machine etc.

[New]  日本伸管タイランド株式会社 / Nihon Shinkan (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

We’re expert of aluminum cold drawing process, supplied OA, Vehicle, Camera field. We can manufacture high precision aluminum pipe and bar, shape of hexagonal or ellipse etc.. also drawing after machining, grinding & Assembly.

㈱阪口製作所 / sakaguchi seisakusyo co.,ltd

We are producing automotive safety devices(seatbelt fitting,etc)by integrated systemstart from progressive press processing to assembly.In January2013,our new factory was established at AmataNakorn Industrial Estate,Thailand.

株式会社 エクストエンジニア / EXT ENGINEER CO.,LTD

Our JP factory has NC automatic lathe, NC lathe, combined lathe, machining centers & surface treatment facilities. In our VN factory, we have machining center, NC lathe & can provide cut precision parts.

ネットアンドプリント株式会社 / Net And Print Inc.

We provide 2-colors label printer for GHS solution. Head office Net & Print Inc. located in Fukushima Japan, supplying variety of labels, ink ribbons.

【バイヤー】タイルーン ユニオンカー パブリックカンパニーリミテッド / 【buyer】THAI RUNG UNION CAR PUBLIC CO.,LTD

Covering the entire range of automotive activities. - manufacturing and sales of Thairung own brand vehicle - R&D for de - Dies and jigs - Stamping or steel processing & vacuum plastic parts - BIW & Vehicle size EDP,Paint


Endo Vietnam Company Limited(Endo Seisakusho) was established in 2013. Machining is our main metal part precision manufacturing method, manufacture of precision mechanical components.


ince the components that slip on the rubber material are kneaded, it exhibits self-lubricity semipermanently. It is effective as a greaseless installation and sticking countermeasure.

[New] Rubber Packing

水・ガス・空気をシールする精密ゴムパッキンです。 ベトナム工場(ホーチミン)での生産が可能です。

Lock Handles AB-76-3

●Finish:Satin chrome an chrome plating ●Specific Use:Electric distribution and control panels


●Various sizes are available